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We expect to encounter a diversity of marine life and explore a variety of habitats. From baby sharks in the mangroves to pelagic predators in the tongue of the ocean.


Our main research location is Andros, which is the largest island within the Bahamas. Andros offers an impressive array of diverse and dense habitats, and is home to a broad assortment of life. Andros is largely unexplored, with limited scientific surveys having been conducted there, particularly in regard to its elasmobranch fauna. Each year, our science team will run week-long research intensive expeditions to the east side of Andros with the aim of contributing critical data to our sawfish, silky shark and elasmobranch projects.

Each expedition will be led by one of our resident scientists, an experienced field technician, and seven research assistants (you). Research assistants will be immersed all week in mini classes, such as knot tying and radio etiquette, followed by in-field experience, actively participating in research activities.

We will conduct a variety of science-based activities, which will include some of the following: Baited remote video surveillance deployments, drone surveying, gill netting, hand captures, poly ball captures, short soak mini-longlines, and more. We are truly excited to learn more about the sharks and rays of Andros, and we thank you in advance for your support.



Support Conservation

Your participation will not only contribute to funding our work, your physical presence in assisting us will directly support our research efforts.


experiences to remember

We pride ourselves on creating a great atmosphere on our trips, forming amazing memories that we hope will last a lifetime.


Learn on the job

You will observe, be trained on, and participate in hands-on research. You will view how research methods are established, how data is collected, and more.

These research trips are open to anyone with a keen interest in marine life and research. No previous experience necessary; all training will be provided.
— Saving The Blue

What to expect

As a research assistant, you will be a fully integrated member of our team. Be assured that you will be trained for every activity, so no previous experience is necessary. You will receive lessons on basic boating, knots, and essential shark anatomy, among other fascinating topics. Throughout the week, you will also be given relevant lectures and presentations by our expedition leaders. You will be taught how to process and ‘work up’ a shark for research, including taking DNA samples and tagging. Expect some long days, hard work, and some challenging situations such as night time gill netting, or long baiting sessions, potentially exceeding six hours. These expeditions are not for people seeking a holiday, they are working trips where you will be directly contributing to our research efforts.

Where does your money go?

Research assistants’ trip fees will go immediately into the nonprofit, and will fund the trip entirely, contributing towards equipment, fuel, boat hire, bait; all of the essentials.

Who can join?

Anyone! This research trip is open to everyone. All participants are required to be able to swim, and have some experience with snorkeling and outdoor adventure, with a keen interest in sharks and marine life. We do prefer some previous shark experience, however we pride ourselves on helping guests learn to overcome fears and enhance their confidence in and on the water during interactions with wildlife. If this interests you, don’t hesitate just because you don’t have former experience. We understand and encourage dream chasers, and would like to give everyone an opportunity to be part of our journey in making a difference.




  • $2800 for 6 nights, 7 days

Includes: Return flight from FLL (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) to Andros; lodging, food, drink, all boating activities, lectures, and training.

Does not include: Flight to and from your location to Fort Lauderdale Airport in Florida. Does not include a visa if one is required, and please bring your own snorkeling gear, such a mask, fins, snorkel, and booties.


  • JUNE 15-21, 2019 - FULL

  • NOVEMBER 10-16, 2019 - 4 spaces left

  • MARCH 8-14, 2019 - 7 spaces left (SPRING BREAK)

  • June 13-19, 2019 - 7 spaces left (NEW)

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Please browse our FAQ page for more detailed information on what to expect, equipment you will likely need, and more.