our outreach channels aim to reach a variety of DIVERSE Audiences.


We believe education is a crucial component of our efforts to inspire others to care about our planet. Education has the power to shed light on bad habits, and create new enthusiasm in open minds, all while encouraging people to make changes to help restore and conserve our oceans and our planet for the long haul. Our outreach channels aim to reach a variety of audiences, and we pride ourselves on impact-driven results.

Schools and groups

We meet with schools and small groups as often as we can, where we present on a variety of topics, including our biological and ecological research, information on plastic pollution, and how they can actively participate in saving our environment. We often gift institutions or children directly with products we believe are suited to them and will provide a daily reminder of all we can do as individuals to support the conservation of our oceans and planet. We hope these product donations inspire the next generation, and the adults in their lives, to seek out eco-friendly alternatives to the common products many are in the habit of buying. For a glimpse into our recent projects, click here.

join us

We hold multiple research expeditions each year, where the general public can observe and participate in our research first hand. These trips are highly educational with detailed lectures, presentations, classes, and in-field, hands-on research experience. Our trip fee acts as a direct donation, which funds our equipment, fuel, the hiring of experienced local captains and their boats, and more. In addition to support of material goods, guest presence boosts our outreach and our science, allowing us to achieve more on each trip. If you would like to join us on a expedition, please click here.

Be the change

We can all make a real difference by changing or adjusting some everyday habits. Our website is full of detailed information on how you can help and lead the way for your family, friends, and the young people in your lives. Please take a moment to read though our Be the Change page, and remember, you do not need to commit to everything at once. Pledge to make a single change, the rest will follow. Every small step matters!

Social Media

Spreading awareness of the pressures our oceans face can be achieved through in-person meetings, Skype sessions, and more. We believe in a world of ever growing media platforms; social media is a powerful tool, not to be underestimated. There are approximately 77 million active users on Instagram alone, and with accurate, educational, informative posts, we hope to inspire users to see the true beauty of our seas. Our ambition is to encourage individuals to ignite a passion to make a difference in their day-to-day lives and focus their attention on facilitating positive change. Excitingly, social media offers the domino effect with shares, retweets, and reposts, and is an influential stage to promote good, sustainable choices and actions.